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Alarm Monitoring

Acadian monitors burglar alarms from a wide array of different security systems. Such security systems include products from Honeywell, DSC, DMP, NAPCO, Bosch and 2GIG but can also include any security system that can send in signals via 4x2, SIA and Contact ID formats.

Special integrations can also be done to monitor SMTP signals as well using the Bold Technologies XML Driver and Universal Connector. In fact, at this time Acadian has done multiple custom integrations that allows it to monitor things such as GPS based panic solutions and active shooter applications.

Acadian currently offers multiple ways of notifying customers of their alarm events. These notifications include phone calls, emails and text messages. As text messages and email notifications can be helpful in preventing false dispatches, which tie up police resources, Acadian provides these services to their dealer partners at no cost to the dealer partner.

Acadian also offers its dealers the ability to use Acadian’s voice recognition technology to send automated phone calls to their customers for notification on low priority signals. This technology is also very beneficial to Acadian during natural disasters as it allows Acadian to handle the large influx of low priority alarm events that typically take place during those events.

Later this year Acadian will be releasing Bold Notify Me to its dealers. Bold Notify Me is a new mobile application which notifies users of alarm occurrences via push notification, and gives them the ability to verify the occurrence, then confirm or cancel it.

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Employee-Owned Company Not Listed
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Cybersecurity Audits  Not Listed

Acadian supports alarm traffic from with an integration that supports both IP transmission and cellular transmission paths. Acadian highly recommends that it dealer partners use the IP transmission path which utilizes Acadian's Surguard System 5 receivers. Using the IP transmission path from is its the more reliable option for getting events to Acadian.

Acadian also supports Smart Signal by Smart Signal is a direct emergency connection to Acadian's monitoring center from with the end user's app.  Smart Signal lets you use your app to trigger a panic alert, verify an alarm event, or quickly cancel a false alarm, using a new set of signaling buttons in your app. Each button triggers a specific Smart Signal from your security panel to the monitoring station, enabling the station's security professionals to act faster and relay more detailed information to your local police or fire department. Learn more at


Bold Technologies is a leading alarm monitoring center software.


Bold Technologies Manitou Platform

Since 1981, Bold Technologies has shaped the development of contemporary alarm monitoring by introducing faster and more sophisticated software innovations. Bold’s award-winning Manitou solution automates, manages, and maintains “one point of control” while increasing efficiencies, profitability, and security.

To assist our dealers, Bold Technologies has created BoldNet Mobile. BoldNet Mobile takes functionality to a whole new level by providing streamlined account accessibility on the go.

Connect to BoldNet Mobile and Acadiana Monitoring Services from anywhere! BoldNet Mobile provides technicians with the ability to carry an abundance of information and tools with them at very low or no cost. By using BoldNet Mobile, your technicians now also have portable access to security system accounts on the fly. Put accounts on test without waiting for assistance from a call center or needing to access a computer.

Alarm Center Operator Training

The training program for an alarm center operator consists of security industry and product online courses, as well as, hands-on practical alarm protocol training.  We begin with the completion of The Monitoring Association Level One Operator Training online course.  This course includes an introduction to the monitoring industry, technology, effective communication, the monitoring process, false alarm prevention, and monitoring center operator code of excellence.

After completion of the course, alarm protocols are introduced by our in-house trainer.  Once the protocols are reviewed, the BOLD University alarm handling course is completed.  We take into account the experience and education level of each trainee and adjust as needed to ensure qualitative training that meets the expectations of our customers.  We recognize that consecutive training is needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

Operators are empowered with training to keep them engaged.  They handle calls during the initial training sessions and practice handling real-time calls under close supervision.  They are paired with top operators to build relationships early in the training so they can strive to be like them.  Clear and actionable feedback is provided to ensure the success of the operator. Ongoing education is provided to shift leaders and operators alike, to continuously challenge staff to be the best they can be.