Video Verification

Remote alarm confirmation prior to dispatch.

The Basics of Video Verification

By integrating Acadian’s alarm automation platform with video verification, Acadian’s team of certified video analysts can identify if an event that triggered an alarm is a threat by accessing video footage of the incident. This application significantly reduces false alarms and false alarm fees and ensures a quicker response from law enforcement in the event of a confirmed emergency.
Police Responding

Verified Police Response

Video verification is a tremendous tool that ensures the transition of all event information from Acadian’s certified video analysts to law enforcement. This information transfer is crucial in making sure the proper law enforcement resources are dispatched to the scene. Video verification may not prevent a crime like vandalism or theft from taking place but it will allow a quicker response from law enforcement officers, increasing the rate of apprehension and reducing the amount of damage to the facility or property.

Videofied Systems

Detect BEFORE the intrusion!

Acadian Monitoring Services has monitored Videofied systems, with its multiple Frontel server set up. Acadian currently monitors over one hundred sites using Videofied across the country. As one of the first United States based monitoring centers to monitor Videofied systems we have extensive knowledge of what applications work best for this technology.