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Remotely Monitored Security Cameras

Remote Video Monitoring

In 2008 Acadian began providing video monitoring services throughout the United States. With a dedicated video analyst department, Acadian offers a real-time, interactive and unique industry leading remote monitoring and audio intervention service to protect facilities and locations from theft and vandalism. This proactive security solution is designed to detect theft or intrusion before or as it occurs, and responds or intervenes in real time.

Industry Solutions

Apartment Buildings
School and Campus
Construction Sites
Energy and Utilities
Heavy Equipment
Long Term Parking
Manufacturing Facilities
Scrap and Recycling
Self Storage
Vacant Properties
Multi-Family Residential 
Shopping Centers & Retail
Office Buildings
Car Rental Lots
Industrial & Manufacturing
Recycling & Scrap Metal 
Security Solutions

Acadian offers both "reactive" and "proactive" video monitoring solutions.


Proactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on preventing criminal acts from taking place prior to a third party getting involved.

Outdoor video monitoring solutions with video analytics and voice down technology can be a very successful way to get an unwanted guest off of a site prior to a criminal act taking place. If done correctly this solution can effectively protect sites with outdoor inventory in addition to any other type of site needing protection.


Reactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on improving a reaction from a third party. These solutions might not prevent a crime from taking place but they will make sure that the reaction to the event is appropriate.

Great examples of these solutions are video verification based solutions where operators get a video of what is taking place based on a traditional alarm event which allows the operator to provide greater information regarding what is happening to the police department. As a result they can take that information and make sure to use the proper amount of force (i.e extra officers, canine units, helicopters).

Mobile Surveillance
Mobile Surveillance Acadian is capable of monitoring mobile surveillance trailers providing real-time monitoring when and where you need it. Mobile surveillance trailers make it easy to secure temporary sites of any size. Once a mobile site is set up Acadian is equipped to provide 24/7 video surveillance of the area.
Mobile Surveillance Solutions can be used for:
  • Public Safety
  • Remote Asset Protection
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency management
  • Remote Utility Security
  • Oil & Gas Utility Management

Sureview Certified

To support this growing division, Acadian utilizes the SureView Systems Immix Central Station Platform and has done so since it started in 2008. This platform gives Acadian the ability to monitor many different video products, including NVRs, cameras, encoders, VMS’ and audio devices. Its open architecture setup even allows Acadian to create custom integrations for new products. It’s Acadian’s dedication to SureView and unique way of using it that made it a SureView’s second Certified Partner.

Certified Video Analyst's

Acadian hires employees with specific law enforcement and/or first responder or military backgrounds and goes above and beyond to train them as video analysts. This includes requiring them to take online classes created by The Monitoring Association, SureView and The Telephone Doctor. In addition, Acadian also requires weeks of hands-on training with a supervisor and at least two weeks as a Tier 1 Video Analyst (i.e. scrubbing video analyst) prior to letting a trainee become a fully operational Video Analyst.
Certified Video Analyst