Video Analytics

Automatic intruder detection utilizing video analytics.


Acadian is capable of monitoring traditional video analytics which are activated by pixel modification formulas as well as non-traditional video analytics which are activated by artificial intelligence formulas. Acadian’s use of traditional and artificial intelligence analytics helps customers reduces false alarms and improve facility security.
Illegal Dumping - Video Analytics

Trusted Video Analytics Partners

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Basic Rules
This is a rule designed to pick up a person or vehicle when they have entered into a specific region where their presence is not allowed. This is the most popular rule that Acadian monitors at this time. Sensitivity adjustments for size and amount of time within area is a basic feature of this type of rule. Every site is different and the dealer will need to do proper testing to determine the best sensitivity adjustments. Acadian does recommend that the setting for time within the area be set to 1 or 2 seconds for those sites that are adjacent to a public road or sidewalk.
This is a rule designed to notify the video center when a group of people with a number of people determined by the dealer are gathering in an area where they should not be. This is a very popular rule that Acadian monitors in high activity residential areas. A common application of this is when Acadian monitors low income housing communities.
This is a rule designed to notify the video center when someone or something has been within a specific area for a long duration of time which is chosen by the dealer partner. The most common amount of time used for loitering rules that Acadian monitors is 30 seconds. This is a powerful analytic when used for businesses with public facing sidewalks. It limits false alarms from innocent people walking by a business but will trigger an event when someone suspicious is trying to break into a door. For obvious reasons this rule is not recommended for businesses that have glass doors into the building.
What type of analytics does Acadian recommend?
Acadian is very fortunate to have a number of great vendor partners that provide very powerful analytics. Each company is slightly different though and best used for certain applications. For custom recommendations, please reach out to one of our representatives who can recommend an analytic for you based on your budget, needs and experience installing other video surveillance systems.
Analytics Driveway
Does Acadian monitor thermal cameras?
Acadian monitors thermal cameras and highly recommends them for environments with poor lighting and busy scenes. While Acadian monitors less than 100 thermal cameras at this time, we have had success with them when monitoring scrap yards.
Video Software Integration

With Acadian the alarm dealer can use arming and disarming signals from an alarm panel to arm or disarm video analytics within our video software, Sureview.

We believe that this feature can be very useful in residential and small commercial applications. As more and more basic camera systems are coming out with basic analytics included with the camera, we think this feature can be a great tool in encouraging the customer to upgrade their account from a basic monitoring account to a video monitored account.