Virtual Guard
In partnership with Swissguard the market leader in 24/7 remote monitoring, Acadian provides state-of-the-art customizable virtual guard solutions for an organization of any size.
How do Virtual Guard Solutions Work?

Unlike traditional alarm monitoring companies and passive video monitoring offerings, Swissguard’s expertly-trained watch officers continually monitor live camera feeds, enabling them to see the same (if not more) as an on-site guard and detect threats without any form of alarm detection. Watching the footage 24/7/365 ensures that any potential danger or incident can be detected prior to the event.

When a threat is detected, Swissguard’s operators are able to alert and activate the respective client protocols - which may include contacting key holders, fast response teams and emergency services. In this way, Swissguard transforms your passive security cameras into an active and intelligent site monitoring system.

Why Remote Guarding?
  • Significantly more efficient than on-site human guarding
  • Significantly cheaper than a classic on-site human guarding
  • Highly and continuously trained team
  • Ready-to-act watch officers 24/7/365
  • Supervisors have more than 5 years of experience in the security sector or law enforcement
  • Emergency situations managed locally by
  • Acadian Monitoring Services
  • Active help for law enforcement during and after the alarm event Fully insured
Video Monitoring

Industry Specific Security Solutions

Warehouses, Distribution & Logistics

Significantly reduce loss, safeguard inventory, prevent theft and reduce security costs.

Multi-Family Housing

Build safe and secure communities by eliminating loitering, vandalism, trespassing, assault, fraud, and theft.

Healthcare & Financial Institutions

Shield your institution against attacks, trespassers, active shooters, internal theft, and fraudulent claims.

Commercial Real Estate

Increase the level of security on-premises by 40-60% for a fraction of the cost for on site guarding solutions.

Auto Dealerships

Safeguard vulnerable inventory, stop shrinkage, eradicate fraud and stop false claims before they start.

Houses of Worship

Protect your community from active shooters, theft, vandalism, and facility damage.

Parking Facilities

Prevent after-hours fires, theft, vandalism, and protect against trespassing intruders.

Shopping Centers

Tailored security systems to fit your shopping center’s unique needs. Detect crime and put a determined stop to unwanted activity.

Education & Corporate Campuses

Prevent theft, protect against active shooters and against trespassing with immediate information transfer to law enforcement about criminal activities.