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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring is the highest priority for any monitoring service in this country. Listed as the number 1 priority from UL, Acadian prides itself as providing the latest technology available to our alarm dealer’s subscribers. Every second counts when the fire signal is received by our operators, to the dispatch of the fire department to notification to emergency key holders. Record keeping is crucial when timer test are not received by the monitoring station, which Acadian provides this service based on the alarm dealers requirements of emergency notification. To the actual reports sent to the dealer to keep them informed on this activity.

Acadian is an active member of the National Fire Protection Association. As such, Acadian will often get times involved, at its own expense, with matters on the behalf of its dealer partners. In the event matters arise within your local jurisdiction please make sure your Association and Acadian is aware of the issue.

National Fire Protection Association
Every second counts when the fire signal is received.

Available Services

Here are the four major products and services used with all of our monitoring stations. Each service is unique and will fall back to the alarm dealer’s personal taste. We do not recommend any once product to be better than the other. There are many other products and services available. Please check with our staff to see if your product line is available from our service.
AES Corporation
Fire-Lite Alarms

AES Intellinet

Acadian is a one stop shop when it comes to AES Intellinet equipment and has one of the largest and fastest growing mesh networks in the United States. Specifically, Acadian maintains an AES network of over 4,500 radios, three frequencies and 21 IP links throughout the Chicago, IL area and we are actively looking to add additional IP links to expand the network. Acadian also monitors several private networks to assist our dealer’s local subscribers. Acadian purchases, stocks and resells all AES radios and supplies for its dealer partners. For a small additional fee Acadian will even program the AES radio for the dealer partner and assist with its installation.

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