Acadian Monitoring Services
Acadian specializes in working with SnapAV dealers to offer them world class monitoring solutions tailored to the AV market. Acadian is the preferred monitoring solution for SnapAV Dealers.
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This is not a "Dealer Program"
There are no quotas, monthly minimums, variable multiples, branding or affiliations. Special pricing is available for third party services. Partner retains their total independence and identity using sales and marketing programs of their design and unique to the market partner serves.

Marketing Solutions Meeting
Provide Affordable Installations
This gives dealers the ability to be competitive with mass marketing offers; capitalize on their professionalism, local connections and reputation AND meet price sensitive competition. Markets and situations differ and how this program is used is totally at the discretion of individual dealers. We offer sales and marketing ideas to assist in developing your marketing programs using the financing program.
Contract Ownership Retention
Any financing portion is invisible to your customer. During the pay-back period billing will appear as if from the dealer. All service needs, upgrades and additional revenue are billed by the dealer. All contract renewals are the property of the dealer. Billing to customer during initial term will be at no charge to dealer. Contract reverts automatically to full dealer control after initial term.
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Provide Marketing Solutions
This program provides it's partners with the ability to immediately monetize the initial contract term. Partners can capitalize on their professionalism, local connections and reputation and have funds available for competitive situations or promotions. We offer sales and marketing ideas to assist in the development of marketing programs.
Full Multiples (26X) Paid

All services that are included on the contract and billed as part of the monthly fee (RMR) are eligible for multiples. Multiples paid on all credit scores meeting 650 minimum. The multiple applies to all residential and commercial installs. Any charge backs are pro-rated for full credit on the payments made.

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Acadian can provide monitoring services to all Snap AV security products.

LUMA Surveillance

Monitoring Services Offered

Security Systems

Third Party Integrations

Fire Systems

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Medical Alert Systems

Cybersecurity Audits

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