Remote Video Monitoring – Proactive Security

What is the significance of the number 51? It’s the atomic number of the element antimony. It’s the international calling code for Peru. The last possible television channel on the UHF band. Photo 51 was an X-ray image from the 1950’s that cleared up and explained the structure of DNA. Area 51 is an area of great speculation in the Nevada desert.

For Acadian Monitoring Services Video Center, it represents the number of events that resulted in arrests in 2018.  Our center prides itself on providing the best in video surveillance and proactive remote video monitoring.  Our forward-thinking goal when we started this specialized center, was to deter crime BEFORE it happened instead of having to notify our clients after the loss of property.

In the last year, Acadian prevented over 1,000 crimes from occurring due to the use of cutting edge technology.  Our highly trained video analysts, most with backgrounds in military and law enforcement, used High Definition video monitoring, live and recorded voice downs and analytic tools such as virtual guard patrols and virtual fencing to prevent crime, resulting in over 70 apprehensions.Remote video monitoring is a highly sophisticated and viable solution to loss prevention.